Cars using gas

Unlocking the doors and starting the car

  1. Unlock the doors by clicking the “avaa ovet” (unlock the doors) button in the app’s reservation view.
  2. Enter the car and you are ready to drive
  3. Adjust the driver’s seat, mirrors, and the steering wheel properly, and put the seatbelt on.
  4. The physical car keys are located in the glove compartment. Start the car by bringing the keys near the power button and pressing the button.
  5. Release the parking brake and off you go

During the ride

  1. When parking the car, you can lock and unlock the car doors in the app’s reservation view. The physical car keys are located in the glove compartment, which you can also use during your reservation. Make sure to return the keys to the glove compartment once your reservation ends.
  2. If the car is low on gas, you can fill up the gas tank by using the Neste card found in each car. The Neste cards can be used in all Neste gas stations across Finland. The fee is charged on the Neste card. We reimburse the user with a bonus (1-5€), depending on the amount of gas pumped.
  3. In case of accidents, car crashes, or other issues, contact our customer service immediately by calling 020 127 7799, If the car gets scratched, dented, or otherwise slightly damaged, you can also directly report this in the system before the reservation ends.

Ending an reservation

  1. As the reservation ends, return the car back to its original spot
  2. Remember to leave the car keys inside the car and make sure to take your items with you.
  3. Close the doors and end the reservation from the booking view by clicking “PÄÄTÄ VARAUS” (end reservation). Lock the doors.
  4. After ending the reservation you are presented with a summary of your reservation. Inform us about any potential errors regarding your experience directly to the system.
  5. If problems arise, contact our customer service by calling 020 127 7799