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Enjoy the benefits of a car without the hassle of owning one. Book and unlock the car with your smartphone and drive away. Download the app now!

Renting a car has never been this easy

  1. Download the app and register as a user
  2. Find a suitable car near you and make a reservation
  3. Activate the car in one minute and enjoy the trip!

Omago Basic 0 €/month – no commitment

Fuel, insurance and taxes included.

Shorter bookings

Starting from 12€ / hour + 0,12 € per km

Dynamic pricing – price varies according to demand

Longer bookings

Starting from 69€/day + 0,12 € per km

No booking time limitation

Omago Premium 29,90 €/month

Fuel, insurance and taxes included.

Shorter bookings

Starting from 6€ / hour + 0,12 € per km

The price is determined by the car model and booking time

Longer bookings

Starting from 50€/day + 0,12 € per km

No booking time limitation

Omago Private – a member of a housing company, company or other community

Operating price according to agreement.

Experiences with Omago

User experiences of the Omago Area Car service.

When one owns a car, it typically remains parked, losing its value, approximately 95% of a day. Shared Omago cars gain popularity among cities, companies, and housing cooperatives at a rapid speed. We offer an alternative to ownership in order to allow you to focus on things that matter to you.

Joel Virpi, CEO Omago Oy

Enjoy the freedom of a car affordably

With this calculator you can test, how much it cost to have an own car.

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Frequently asked questions

The minimum booking time is 30 minutes. There is no maximum limit. Shorter bookings as a Basic user 12-14€/h + 0.12€/km. For longer bookings (min. 8 hours) price from 69€/day + 0.12€/km. Premium user 6-8€/h + 0.12€/km. For longer bookings (min. 8 hours) price from 50€/day + 0.12€/km.

The Cars have Helsinki city parking codes. In Helsinki, you can park in all of the resident parking spaces, z-code spaces and over 2-hour parking disc spaces. In Espoo, parking is allowed in spaces marked with a sign and paid parking spaces.

Yes. You are allowed to drive anywhere within the borders of Finland. Going abroad is not allowed. However, to be able to terminate your booking you must be parked in your own home area.

The notice period is 1 month. You can unsubscribe in our app anytime you please. Next payment date can also be seen in the app.

Insurance is included in the monthly fee. If an accident occurs, the deductible fee is 1250€. However, you can reduce the fee to 250€, 50€ or 0€ by paying extra (4€, 9€ or 12€/per day) based on the usage time when booking a car.

Our customer service is there for you 24/7. Contact us by calling 020 127 7799.

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Download the app and start driving!

You only pay for the use of the car. Price from €12/hour.