About Us

Omago is an mobility operator that offers shared cars for tenants, companies and city employees, and as a monthly service to the people living in Finland.

What is Omago?

These days, people put more emphasis on ease and simplicity in choice-making, and the traditional culture of ownership no longer plays as big of a role as it has for decades. We provide an environmentally friendly and easy option for car ownership so you can enjoy the freedom of driving a car without the typical concerns a car owner faces.

When one owns a car, it typically remains parked, losing its value, approximately 95% of a day. Shared Omago cars gain popularity among cities, companies, and housing cooperatives at a rapid speed and you may already notice them all across Finland.

We offer an alternative to ownership in order to allow you to focus on things that matter to you.

-Joel Virpi, CEO of Omago Oy


Omago is established.



Product development, piloting.

Start of sales to construction companies and apartment companies. The first employee is recruited. A total of 5 cars.



A total of 24 cars, almost all in apartment companies. Turnover 82k euros.

Alueauto -concept starting in Helsinki.



A total of 100 cars in Finland. Turnover 450k euros. 4 employees

Alueauto expands to Espoo, Vantaa, Jyväskylä and Tampere. In October 160 cars around Finland. Forecast of turnover 2021 is 1,2 million euros. 7 employees


Our customers