For housing cooperatives

A common use car for an apartment complex to share is an environmentally friendly and a useful solution for the tenants’ daily transportation needs. Individual car ownership is not necessary when transportation is taken care of with a single car.

Easier accommodation

  • Tenants’ car is for all the tenants to use.
  • A service which commits the tenant and makes the accommodation even easier.
  • We at Omago take care of all details related to the managing of the car and service, and the customer won’t be burdened by such details.
  • Tenants’ car users have a high satisfaction rate and they see — as an important part of their housing experience.
  • Tenants’ car reduces the need for all tenants to have their own car. This way, less parking spots may be required during the construction, as Tenants’ car serves multiple people.

NPS or Net Promoter Score is one of the most widely used customer loyalty KPI. It measures customer satisfaction with one question. How likely would you recommend a service / product to a friend or colleague?

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Experiences with Omago

“An excellent car, concept, and investment from a modern housing cooperative. From my personal experience, the customer service is fast and extremely friendly/ polite. Thank you for your contribution towards carsharing!”
Taina, Jyväskylä
“The best thing is the sum of the parts. The car is 15 meters from the door when I simply take my phone, press a few buttons, and in less than 10 seconds I can drive away.”
Jami, Turku
“I once considered moving from an apartment complex to a row house, but since I don’t own a car, I couldn’t bring myself to move as I would have also lost the opportunity to use the Omago car.”
Kaisa, Jyväskylä

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