Frequently asked questions

The notice period is 1 month. You can unsubscribe in our app anytime you please. Next payment date can also be seen in the app.

Our customer service is there for you 24/7. Contact us by calling 020 127 7799.

Insurance is included in the monthly fee. If an accident occurs, the deductible fee is 1000€. However, you can reduce the fee to 250€ by paying extra (from 4€) based on the usage time when booking a car.

No. The user is only charged for the ride according to the hourly payment system and the voluntary deductible fee is 4€ / booking.

The booking can be extended up to two hours from the booking view if there are no scheduled bookings after you. If this is not possible, please contact our customer service by calling 020 127 7799.

Users may take the car to a car wash when necessary. The vehicles have either Neste or ABC gas station cards in them that allow the user to wash the car at the gas stations in question. We reimburse 5€ for washing the car.

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in our cars. Some of the users may be allergic, and in order to ensure a safe experience for all, we can’t take the risk of allowing pets.

No, you can’t. As the user, you are responsible for using the car. Borrowing the car to others is prohibited in our terms and conditions.

If you can’t unlock the car by using our app on your phone, contact our customer service by calling 020 127 7799.

Yes. You are allowed to drive anywhere within the borders of Finland. Going abroad is not allowed. However, to be able to terminate your booking you must be parked in your own home area.

When booking your ride, you may allow carpooling. As you enter the planned journey in the app, other tenants can see your upcoming trip and join. In this case, the fees are automatically divided between all the participants.