Volkswagen E-up

Unlocking the doors and unplugging the charger

  1. Unlock the doors by pressing the “avaa ovet” (unlock the doors) button in the app’s reservation view.
  2. Get the keys from the glove compartment and go next to the charger. Unplug the charger by pressing the “lukko auki” (lock open) button (see image).
  3. Close the lid and place the cable to the trunk for the duration of the ride. If the charger is solid, you don’t have to bring the cable with you. Another cable can be found in the trunk.
  4. Enter the car and off you go.

Starting the car and driving

  1. Adjust the driver’s seat, mirrors, and the steering wheel properly, and put the seatbelt on.
  2. press the brake (pedal) down and turn the key in the ignition in order to start.
  3. Release the parking brake.
  4. When selecting the gear, keep the brake pedal pressed down and press the button on the gear selector. Driving gear is D, reverse is R and when parking select the P (parking) gear.

During the ride

  1. You can lock and unlock the car doors in the app’s reservation view. The physical car keys are located in the glove compartment, which you can also use during your reservation. Make sure to return the keys to the glove compartment once your reservation ends.
  2. If your trip is more than 200km in length, figure out proper charging spots beforehand. During your reservation you pay the car charging yourself. The Neste card in the car can not be used for charging the car. Our customer service can help you with figuring out the charging stations
  3. In case of accidents, car crashes, or other issues, contact our customer service immediately by calling 020 127 7799, If the car gets scratched, dented, or otherwise slightly damaged, you can also directly report this in the system before the reservation ends.

Ending the reservation and plugging in the charger

  1. Park the car at its designated home region, to the same spot where you left from.
  2. The lid for the charging spot is unlocked by using the “avaa lukitus” (open the lock/ unlock) button in the car keys. Always attach the charger to the car first and only then to the charging station.
  3. Leave the car keys inside the car and make sure to take your items with you.
  4. Lock the doors and end the reservation from the booking view.
  5. After ending the reservation you are presented with a summary of your reservation. Inform us about any potential errors regarding your experience.