Vaasa City´s Mini-Lifts for employees

In order to use Vaasa City´s Mini-Lifts, register yourself using the Omago app. As a registered user you will be able to make reservations and see the booking calendars for each car.

Download the app and register.

Vaasa City´s shared cars are available for private customers on weekdays after 16.30 and without limits during weekends. The cars are All-Electric Nissan Leafs.

Instructions for use

Vaasa City´s shared cars

Please note that the cars are All-electric cars with a range of approximately 200 km. Normally all chargings take place at the car’s home spot and charging anywhere else but the home spot is at the customer’s own expense. If for some reason you have the need to charge the car somewhere else, you may use the charging cable found from inside the car.


1. Download the Omago App from your Google Play or Apple Store by using your mobile phone or tablet.

2. After downloading the app, register yourself. Once the registration is done, continue by pressing “Join”. As “My Omago”, choose “Private”, fill in your personal data and use the code “MINILIFTI22”.

3. After registration your account information will be checked.You will receive a verification message about the approval within 24 hours.

4. Once your account has been approved, you will be able to see Mini-Lifts from the map and start making reservations.

Booking your first trip

1. Open the Omago app

2. Log in with the login credentials sent to your email

3. Choose the desired car from the map and find a suitable time from the calendar. The booking can take place right away or in the future.

4. If you prefer, you can choose to lower the deductive. Normally the deductive is 1250€, but you can lower it to 250€ by paying an additional 4€. Your reservation´s estimated cost will be displayed at the bottom of the reservation view.

5. Confirm your booking. Your booking will now move to the “bookings” tab and from there you can make changes to it.

Activating your booking

1. You can activate your booking 5 minutes before the scheduled starting point.

2. The app will notify you about the upcoming reservation and you will be able to activate your reservation from the bookings section.

3. Please pay attention to the instructions and check the car´s condition while activating your booking. If you see any damage that has not yet been reported, please report them.

4. Accept the condition and activate your booking.

5. Now you will have access to the reservation view from the bookings tab. Open and lock the doors from the app during your reservation.

Opening doors and unplugging the charger

Nissan Leaf

1. Open the doors by clicking the “open” button from the app.

2. Press the unplug button from inside the car (photo)

3. Unplug the charger, close the lid and put the cable into the trunk during the drive.

4. You´re ready to go.

Before and during the drive

Nissan Leaf

1. Fix your seating position, mirrors, steering wheel and fasten your seatbelt.

2. Press the brake pedal and the ignition switch simultaneously to turn on the car.

3. Release the parking brake with the pedal found from the left side of the brake pedal. It can be opened by pressing the pedal off by the left foot, which raises the pedal. By depressing the pedal, the parking brake is on.

4. Press down the brake pedal while switching the gear. Gear (D/B) is found left-down, reverse (R) right-up. Neutral (N) is activated by pressing the gear switch down from the middle.

Ending your booking and plugging the charger

Nissan Leaf

1. At the home spot, park the car to the same designated parking spot that you took it from.

2. Take the charging cable from the trunk and plug into the car. The charging lid is opened from the opening button inside the car. (Photo)

3. Attach the charging cable into the charging port.

4. The charging can be started by showing the charging card to the card reader. The card can be found from the glove compartment.

5. While charging, the charging port’s light is blue and will twinkle a bit. Stable blue light means that the car is plugged properly and is being prepared for charge.

6. Please make sure to take all your belongings from the car and remember to leave the charging card and the keys to the glove compartment.

7. Lock the doors from the app and press “End booking” from the reservation view. Mark the maintenance bonuses if necessary and make sure that the car is in tidy condition. You will be able to see the reservation receipt after ending your reservation.

8. In case of any problem, please contact our customer service: 020 127 7799