Changes in bonuses

Refueling (-3 €)

The refueling bonus (-3 €) can be obtained by marking the refueling in the application at the end of the booking. The car can be refueled when more than 250 km have elapsed since the previous refueling or the tank level is less than 40%. If the duration of your booking is longer than 8 hours, you will not receive a refueling bonus. Remember that all area cars are refueled with 95 octane gasoline.

Adding washer fluid (-3 €)

You will receive a bonus (-3 €) for adding windshield washer fluid when you mark the application as done at the end of the booking. Windscreen washer fluid may be added 14 days after the previous addition.

Car wash (-3 €)

You can get a bonus (-3 €) for washing your car by marking the operation in the application when you decide to book. The car can be used in a car wash 14 days after the previous wash.

All maintenance is performed at Neste stations with the Neste card which can be found in the car. The code for the card can be found in the application when the booking is active. Omago will charge a € 50 fine for incorrectly reported actions.