Change in pricing

Due to rising fuel prices we regret to inform you that there will be changes in our pricing as well. Besides the hourly payment, all reservations will be added an extra fee based on kilometers driven just like all the longer reservations already have. The price will be 0,12€ per kilometer.

As driving expenses are changing on social level, the impacts will inevitably effect Alueauto services as well. The price changes have been measured so that using Alueauto occasionally is still easy and carefree and most of all more affordable than having your own car.

Example of cost:

Typical two-hour reservation, during which 30 kilometers are driven:

Reservation time: 12€ – 16€

Fee per kilometer(s): 0,12€/km x 30km = 3,60€ (in addition to previous pricing)

Total: 15,60€ – 19,60€

Changes will take place on the 18th of April 2022.

Based on the changing expenses we are giving all our users an opportunity to cancel their membership without a notice period. If you cancel your membership because of this change in pricing, choose ”other reason” and write ”change in pricing” when you are deactivating your account.