A car for every trip this autumn

1.8. – 31.10.2022

Renting a car has never been this easy

We can still enjoy the light and warmth of the summer, but little by little, thoughts are starting to turn to autumn and its everyday routines. The summer holidays are coming to an end for both working people and also for students. The weekend trips may be heading a little closer from home and perhaps a new hobby will enter your everyday life. Make those everyday routines easier with Omago membership. 

With one membership, you get access to a comprehensive selection of cars. With Omago, you have access to smaller cars with automatic and manual transmissions, larger station wagons and also vans. In addition to these, some cars are also allowed to transport pets.

Use the autumn offer now and you can test the membership even cheaper.

Now you have an amazing possibility to try out whether Omago is suitable for your everyday trips this autumn. Join and use the campaign code AUTUMNTRIP and you will get €8 of usage money to your bonus account.

Download the app and start driving!

  1. Download the app and register as a user
  2. Find a suitable car near you and make a reservation
  3. Activate the car in one minute and enjoy the trip!